Down Way Alley

by Down Way Alley

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released September 16, 2003

Música y letras por Down Way Alley.
I'm Sorry contiene un extracto de "Knight Rider Theme Song".

Juan P: voz
Javi: guitarra
Manu: guitarra
Fran: bajo
Jacobo: batería

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Gustavo Espelleta en los estudios Metrònom (Castellón) entre el 13 y el 16 de septiembre de 2003.




Down Way Alley Castellón, Spain

Banda de Castellón (España) que estuvo en activo entre 2002 y 2006.

Juan P: voz y guitarra
Javi: guitarra
Fran: bajo
Jacobo: batería

Manu: guitarra (2002-2004)
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Track Name: Grey
Now close your eyes
And take a look inside
Tell me if you can't see
All those memories
Remember every moment
Lost in the time

Under a grey sky
Everything seems so sad
Across your grey eyes
Everyday seems the last one

I can feel your pain
Deep inside of me
Burning like a flame
Deep inside of me
Remember every moment
Lost in the time
Track Name: Liquid Dreams
Tell me all that I have lost
And teach me how to lie again
Sing me every word that once
Made me fly throughout the rain

I can't find the answer
But I can find the right word
Welcome to my liquid dreams
You can fly if you want to

The last piece of land for
Sweet dreams that hold tight
Closed eyes that blind your sight
Remaining from the sleep we dried
Track Name: I'm Sorry
Everyday gets harder
To find the difference between us
That's why I hate you so much
That's why I hate you, I'm sick of it all

I'm sorry
But this is how I feel
I'm sorry
So get out of my life

There's nothing I can lose
'Cause my blood is your fucking blood
No place where I can hide
When my worst enemy lives at home
Track Name: Start Travelling
Before your sign I get on hold
Unfinished love when time can speak

Got it down to burn it
'Til the end, the price is set
When it feels so lonely
To fulfill what we once said

Deserve to feel me
Behave when's mine the howl you hear
To fall, to hurt, to see him
Like a breeze your eyes can't teach

But even bide for just a word
Sound my heart could never reach

Sound my heart could never reach, again